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Rebol is designed for the exchange and interpretation of information.

Rebol provides an easy-to-write, easy-to-read format and a wide variety of data-types for expressing data and code.

If you're familiar with JSON, then you know a simple easy way to share information between systems and processes. Rebol is like an extended version of JSON that provides numerous other lexical data-types and can also execute data as code.

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This Rebol website is moving to a new server that will provide HTTPS secure access via Apache. This is mainly to improve search engine indexing which penalizes non HTTPS websites. Please take note of the following:

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To get an idea what it looks like, take a simple digital clock as an example.

Every Rebol program begins with a header description. It's actually an object with fields that can be referenced from within the program or from other programs:

    Title:   "Digital Clock"
    Version: 1.3.3
    Author:  "Carl Sassenrath"
    Purpose: "Display a simple digital clock on screen."

The clock code itself is written in the Rebol VID dialect (Visual Interface Dialect). The code here describes a graphical layout that uses a text line (banner) that refreshes once a second, has a graphical gradient shading, and shows the new time every second:

clock: layout [
    origin 0
    clock-face: banner 140x32 rate 1 
        effect [gradient 0x1 0.0.150 0.0.50]
        feel [engage: func [f a e] [set-face clock-face now/time]]
view clock

On screen, the clock looks like this:

If you want to see a list of core functions, check out docs/reference.html. Click on any link to see the details. For example check out the decompress function.

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